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Joe is an extremely good friend from my AUB days who is a prodigy when it comes to all things techie (mainly Apple products). If you have any problem at all, need to jailbreak, update, unlock, etc. Joe’s your man. He posts very helpful posts all the time, but also is more than happy to answer your specific questions which he may not have tackled in the post. So, head on over to and enjoy some freedom with your Apple products!

Just a notice for anyone who is buying a 4G capable phone. If you phone is an iPhone 5 please make sure that its the European model (look on the back, the model should be A1429 NOT A1428, A1428 is the USA/Canada model and will not work on the 4G network that will be rolling out hopefully in April). If you are getting a phone other than the iPhone 5, make sure that the 4G/LTE band that the phone supports is Band 3 at frequency 1800 Mhz.

The reason for this is that Apple discovered that 4G networks are not created equally, in the sense that a 4G network must run on a reserved frequency (which costs money obviously to reserve it), so what Apple did is create 2 iPhone 5 models: A1428 and A1429. Model A1428 will work with 4G/LTE networks on band 4 and band 17 and model A1429 will work with 4G/LTE networks on bands 1,3,5,13, and 25. For anyone doubting my claim, please refer to this link from apple:

Now that you know which model supports which bands, please direct your attention to this link which shows that Lebanon’s 4G/LTE network will use band 3:

Don’t believe retailers who tell you that this is just a ploy and that it is not true. I highly doubt that the minister would tweet what he tweeted (check picture) if it were not in fact true.

Moreover, iPhone 5 retailers have been claiming that the new iOS 6.0.2 firmware targeted especially for iPhone 5 fixes this 4G/LTE support issue. This is another hoax for two reasons. First reason is that this update is not just for iPhone 5, it is also for iPad mini, and not just for the 4G model, even the Wifi model, so one would ask why woul a 4G/LTE patch be released for a device that doesn’t even support cellular communication. Second reason is that if you would go to apple’s website and check the changelog for iOS 6.0.2 (a changelog is a file that tells users what is different in this new firmware), you would find that iOS 6.0.2 addresses a potential Wifi issue (a glitch actually that would cause iPhone 5 and iPad mini to disconnect from a Wifi network even when they are in range and already connected to that network).

Sorry for the long post, but I’ve had enough to retailers trying to cheat customers.

Finally, for all who already have an iPhone 5 with model number A1428, it is not the end of the world. The only implication is that you will not be able to connect to 4G networks except in USA and Canada, and that you will be restricted to the 3G networks (which should operate better and faster when 4G rolls out since some users who have a supported 4G/LTE capable phone will move over to 4G lessening the traffic on 3G networks :D )


2 Apps You Need to Make Your Commute More Enjoyable

I travel a lot. Anyone who follows me on Instagram or Twitter will know I don’t spend too much time in one place. My Foursquare was even kind enough to point out that in the past 6 months, I’ve checked-in to 17 different airports and over 25 different subway and train stations. It’s come to a point where I feel at home most when waiting in airport terminals or waiting for the next train. Naturally, I’ve learned how to help the time go by faster and the trips more enjoyable, and here are a couple apps I think you absolutely need to enjoy your travels or commutes, while learning more and enriching yourself (versus just running away from zombie monkeys and collecting coins)

1- Amazon Kindle


I love reading just as much as I love writing, but the prospect of carrying a bulky book around is discouraging and the chances I’d actually have it with me when an unexpected opportunity for some reading-time presents itself are very rare. That’s why, perhaps my favorite and most essential app when on-the-go is Amazon’s Kindle.

There are over 1 million books available, with thousands downloadable for free (classics such as Les Miserables for example). What’s beautiful about reading on the Kindle app is that the pages are often much smaller, meaning, you are sort of cheated into reading a lot more than you would with a book (for me at least). And if you’re like me, you love percentages and I absolutely adore seeing the percentage points go up with every reading (versus the read pages getting bulkier in a book).

Another awesome thing is that the Kindle app is cross-platform and syncs beautifully, which means if I was on my Galaxy Note II reading a particular book on the subway, when I open it on my iPad or Nexus 7 at home, it’ll remember where I left off on my Note II. You can also highlight, bookmark and look-up word instantaneously. Other perks include fixing the margins, the text size and arrangement, the background color and brightness to how you feel most comfortable. Personally, I love white text on a black background (saves battery too!) and justified arrangement.

In my subway time, I have finished two books in little over a month (Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevski, and a very interesting forensic psychology book: The Anatomy of Evil). I would’ve never imagined 15 minutes here, 20 minutes there would let you finish entire books in a matter of days. Books are also much cheaper, often less than half the price of a real book, and they all fit in your pocket, forever. So, you might be like “I love the feel of a real book (someone once said smell to me!)” but, if you want to think of convenience, customizability, easy-access and less money to spend on books, then you need to download the Kindle app and start reading.

2- TED


We’ve all watched and fell in love with a TED talk (or several dozen if you’re like me!). TED talks are awesome for many reasons. For one, they’re given by people who are at the frontier in their fields or at the top of their industries. For two, they have something useful to say or an idea you might not have considered or ever known about were it not for these free TED talks. Thirdly, what I find most important in making TED talks a viable option when you’re flying or on the train (or boat if that’s what you’re into) is that they’re usually between 7 and 20 minutes only, which is very convenient and well under the average time a flight or commute usually needs.

What’s awesome about the TED app is that you can download the talks you’d like to watch or listen to, and watch them offline later when there’s no internet connection meters underground or thousands of meters above it. I have queued many TED talks and you have the choice between audio only, low quality video or HD (in case you’re worried about data caps and storage space, you can go with audio-only, but if you wanna enjoy your IPS 7″ screen, you might wanna get the HD version).

4 Must-Have Android Games

All these games have been downloaded and tested out on my Samsung Galaxy Note II, and battery life lasted well over 4-5 hours nonstop for each game (plus mobile data connection and full sync). Also, no overheating issues were  encountered, even after prolonged use.

1- Contre Jour (5/5)


I have included this app here before in an iOS game post. It’s finally on Android and I couldn’t be happier. This game is so aesthetically beautiful, meditative and calming that it lands my all-time favorite mobile game. The soundtrack is a mesmerizing, soothing melody which I feel is the core of what makes Contre Jour so fantastic. Having it on mute is just not the same experience at all.

Basically, you need to manipulate the environment around your cyclops ball of goo and collect 3 balls of light and make it safe to the portal. Levels become more and more complex, with ropes, elastic strings, carnivorous plants and other obstacles making Contre Jour an extremely-fun physics-based, puzzle game that is second to none in terms of beauty and seamless execution.


2- Osmosis (5/5)


This game is a geek’s wet dream, especially if you’re into the molecular-level universe. You are basically a cell, which is capable of propelling itself in different directions by ejecting a bit of plasma out of it. The point is to devour all other cells. You cannot devour cells larger than you, and every time you propel yourself (to either devour another cell, or avoiding being devoured) you shrink a little because of the plasma you ejected. Every time you devour another cell, you grow in size, making more cells available for you to phage. It’s an extremely fun and challenging game and will have you spending hours on it in its different modes.

It’s also very beautiful and the laws of physics are accurately represented in this microbial world. Definitely a must-have if you’re into more than running forever in search of coins and away from monkeys.


3- Spirit HD (4/5)


If you like old-school arcade games, Spirit HD is just that, but a million times better. You are a tiny ghost which has the ability to open portals by going in a full circle at a fast enough speed. Your objective is to suck in all the other “spirits” into your portals, without touching them or being shot/blasted by them. The more spirits you round up in one portal, the higher your score.

It gets really intense with higher levels, and it’ll have you jumping around and moving your finger (or in my case, stylus!) frantically across the screen. My only complaint is that it would be cool to be able to survive longer and make it to higher levels more often. Extra lives are rare and shields are not available. Having them would make the pandemonium all the more enjoyable, instead of just overwhelming at some point.

4- Plague Inc (4/5)

unnamedI have always been fascinated with infectious diseases and this game was an impressively fun way of gamifying the  epidemiological process and disease evolution. It is an awesome strategy game where you unleash a pathogen on the world, and help it evolve into an epidemic that can infect, and kill, every single human on Earth. For you to evolve it, you need DNA point which appear randomly or when your disease spreads to new countries.

Now, there are clues in the game, for example, if you see on your news ticker that “there is a massive bird migration”, you should immediately evolve the virus or bacterium to be able to be transmitted by avian hosts. If you start it in an arid country, you need to make it heat-resistant. If it starts in a developed country, antibiotic and lab-conditions resistant, etc.

It’s fun, and it’s basically a balance between how effective and fast it spread, versus how effective and fast it kills (kills too much too fast, and cures will be worked on much harder!)





BangWithFriends: Do the FB Friends You Stalk Want Your Body Too?

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 8.12.11 PM

I say this all the time: today, we have no time. Getting to know people like we used to in the olden days, with multiple real-life encounters separated by several days or weeks, is too slow and too much of a risk. What if I spent a month getting close to a girl, and she turns out to be a Creationist? I’d have wasted all that time and effort for nothing!

That’s why Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are a real help in our speed-of-the-Internet age. You can find out a lot about someone (even from how much they keep private). You can see if you’re into the same music, places, has a good beach bod, does duckfaces or not, their philosophy and outlook on life and other things you look for when trying to find that special someone (or friendzoning them).

What Facebook doesn’t tell you is whether they’re attracted to you too, and since many of us don’t have the guts to come out and say it, lots of missed opportunities for hook-ups (or perhaps more meaningful relationships) evade us every day.

Well, has just the answer for that. This, bold (to say the least) service shows you a grid of all your friends (of the opposite if you’re straight. I tried turning “gay” on Facebook, uninstalled and reinstalled it, still only showed me women, more info at the bottom) with a “down to bang” button under their profile pictures. You click the ones you want to get down with, and if they click your photo too, you’re both notified and the creators hope some sexy-time will ensue.

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 8.12.24 PM

Now, this is extremely overt sexually and I’m not sure it’ll catch on in Lebanon. It’s fairly private (put “Only Me” on the permissions prompt when you’re connecting your Facebook) and who knows, maybe the boy or girl you’re into, is into you too!

Now, it’s still fairly new and lotsa things are gonna be added and improved. But, it’s already had tens of thousands of downloads on the iOS App Store in less than a week (where’s the Android one, HMM?!)

Here’s what they had to say about, for example, your mom being on that list, and why there’s no sexual orientation feature yet. These guys sure have balls!

“The crowd that we’re looking for is forward and straight about their sexuality.” And straight they are, as the app currently doesn’t take sexual orientation into consideration. But according to the boys, this wasn’t a jab at the LGBT community.
“We’ll be honest with you, we made this in two hours… with a lot of Red Bull and vodka … and it took off on its own,” one of the creators said. “What we’re working on right now is building sexual preferences. I personally am completely towards gay rights. We want to give everyone this awesome access to finding people who want to bang.”

But lack of customized sexual preferences is just one of the problems the team initially encountered. An earlier version of the app didn’t take into account the presence of family members among a user’s Facebook friends, displaying anyone from grandfathers to siblings as potential “bang” buddies. This has since been fixed, and while you can’t be matched with your uncle, the BWF team doesn’t want to limit user’s pairings too much—for example, your relationship status will likely not be taken into consideration. “We’re not too [sic] objective to hooking up with that cute secretary across the office if she has a boyfriend already,” said one creator.

Now, since I wanna save y’all the trouble and embarrassment, I got a friend of mine to try it with me, you know, for scientific research purposes, and here’s an example of the email you get if both of you click “down to bang”

Enjoy and be safe! (maybe get a condom delivered?)


GSM Arena Quote Samsung Lebanon Page on SIV Launch Date!

I was browsing tech news feeds to see when the SIV would come out, and it was the usual Android rumor here, Android rumor there. But, to my very pleasant surprise, mobile tech powerhouse has published an article quoting none other than Samsung’s Lebanon branch! How cool is that, that we, are at the forefront of the rumors of one of the most sought-after Android devices of 2013? Who would’ve thought? =P

Screen shot 2013-01-04 at 8.09.07 PM

link to original article

Noon Keyboard: Type in “MSN Arabic” Get it in Proper Arabic!


Most of us speak Arabic. Virtually none of us type it though. Heck, even most of our keyboards come with no Arabic letters, and if we do, we look like your grandma on the netbook you bought her for Christmas trying to type her password. This problem though, was solved by, the beautiful search engine that lets you type things like: Ana O7eb Gino’s Blog Kathiran, and get: أنا أحب جينوس بلوغ كثيراً in the field you’re typing in.

Now, imagine my extreme delight at finding out a keyboard for Android was released that utilizes the Yamli API to transliterate “arabic english” into proper Arabic. I discovered it months back while browsing the Google Market (it was called Market back then, not Play =P) and downloaded it for free, and instantly fell in love.

Now, you might ask who types in Arabic, and I tell you, the majority my friends! Maybe it’s hard to gauge in Lebanon, but in the Arab World’s Internet powerhouses like Egypt and KSA, most folks type in Arabic, and most folks have Anrdoids, so this app is gonna go big, and it already has, with tens of thousands of daily active users already.

It needs data connection to crunch out the transliteration, but come on, who doesn’t have 3G these days? Also, its data consumption is minimal, with barely a few hundred kilobytes per month gone (based on my usage at least).

Using Noon is a delight and it might just be what helps us create more Arabic content for the massive Arabic-speaking and reading market who yearns for original content in Arabic, but finds very little to satiate it.

So, download this lovely app and keep it in handy, with a few taps, you can turn your “7” and “3” into a “ح” and “ع” and impress your non-Android friends who would need much longer to type up a reply! Oh, and the cherry on top of all this is that Nader Ayyad, the developer behind Noon, is Lebanese, just like the creators of Yamli Habib Haddad and Imad Jureidini.

Noon on Google Play

An Infographic About the Rise of Android

Even though most iOS fanboys and girls friends of mine are switching to Anrdoid, I see some poor lost souls who still buy iPhones in this day and age. Here are some numbers for the doubters. FYI, this post was prepared on my Samsung Galaxy Note II phone, while on the bus…

ANDROID-MBAsource MBAonline

Samsung Galaxy Note II Review

share-experiencesI’ve carried a lot of Androids in the past 3 years. Everything form the S1, to the Nexus One, HTC Desire, the S2, Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X, the S3, the LG Optimus 4X HD. Each of them was brilliant in its own right and time, but a couple of things always bugged me which bug a lot of other smartphone users. The first, was of course battery life. The second, was somewhat fragile hardware (especially the S2) that had me spending more on the repairs than the actual device!

The Note II fixed those two annoying setbacks of carrying a powerful Android. The battery life is insanely good and it lasts well over a day with moderate usage, a good 18 hours on 3G, GPS and my constant tweeting, instagramming and checking the blog’s stats and comments.

Here’s a breakdown of the main things I loved about the Note II

Size, Look and Feel

The Note II is massive. People like to call it the “Phablet” and Samsung wittily got the giant NBA star LeBron James to do their ads in the US. I honestly adored the 5.5 inch screen because I read a lot of ebooks, manage my email and publish blogposts using the Note II. Browsing the Internet and watching videos and viewing photos is extremely enjoyable with the extra 1.5 inches or so compared to other smartphones currently on the market.

It fits perfectly into standard-sized pockets (at least guys’ jeans and shorts) so don’t worry about it not fitting. It might be a bit wide, but it is remarkably thin for a tablet-phone hybrid (just 0.37 inches thick). The 16:9 display also makes watching videos all the more enjoyable and I sometimes set it up on a table and several friends get to watch the funniest YouTube sensation I stumbled upon.

It’s back cover is plastic, which makes it very light compared to other droids out there, but I would’ve loved to see a polycarbonate shell on Samsung’s newest gift to the techie world. The meche-like designs and patterns though are beautiful and the device overall feels very comfortable and snug in one hand.

One-Handed Operation and Typing

One concern with big droids is that you can’t operate them fully with one thumb. Samsung foresaw this inconvenience and have made several features one-hand friendly. You can toggle on the keyboard for example in single-handed control (which includes a setting for all you lefties out there btw) which makes it pretty easy to handle most things with just one hand.

Given that the Note II is one-hand-friendly, I am a huge fan of real keyboards and touchscreens have never really won me over when it comes to typing. The sheer size of the Note II makes it possible to type with both hands without jumbling up your letters since the buttons are large enough, making it as good as the good old-fashioned real keyboard typing with two thumbs.



The camera is beautiful of course since the display is so large and crisp. It might not be the camera with the fastest shutter speed out there, but it’s definitely the best among the Samsung devices. You can shoot bursts, panoramic shots, action shots, add filters, HDR modes and other near settings for particular environments or situations.

The camera experience on the Note II has a few, really neat perks too. You can shoot photos with voice commands like “Shoot” “Capture” or “Cheese” making it easier to take a shot without having to touch your screen as well as taking photos after setting up the camera far way from you without the hassle and rush of setting up timers. Another really awesome perk is that if you’re taking a group shot, the Note II takes several shots of each person’s face and allows you to choose the best one for each in one single photo. Meaning that, if someone had their eyes shut or looked like a mutant in one of the 4-5 face shots it takes, you can choose a better face shot of him or her, thereby ensuring all your friends faces are good enough to share on Facebook (assuming your friends look good of course).

Native Apps and Stylus

Another really cool feature of the Note II is the stylus. It’s a really cool tool when you want to create a note, it allows you to crop a part of your screen (instead of a screenshot of the whole page) and paste it into the S-Note app. The S-note app has dozens of templates you can use depending on what you want to work on, from cool and colorful personal notes, to business ones with tables and graphs and pie charts you can edit and create.

The stylus is also cool because you can hover it over an email or image gallery, and it’ll pop-up a preview of the contents of that email or gallery without you having to open it and go back out if it’s not the one you were looking for. Also, if you’re reading or browsing the web, you simply hover over the top, bottom or sides of the page and it’ll smoothly scroll the page in whatever direction you’re aiming at.

The stylus also allows you to use your own handwriting to type instead of a traditional QWERTY keyboard and it’s pretty easy and fast to use once you get the hang of it.


Jelly Bean Awesomeness

It comes with Android 4.1.1 and Samsung finally made their TouchWiz UI glitch-free and extremely. It’s the first time I leave the stock UI and launcher instead of downloading a custom one since it blends so seamlessly with the large displays and makes customizing your home page apps and widgets incredibly easy, fast and customizable.

NFC is also really cool on this device and after comparing it with the S3, I found the S-Beam and NFC features on it much faster and streamlined. I’ve collected  total of 4 free songs and 2 free ebooks by merely tapping my Note II on Samsung ads all over the US (new ones every week) which is pretty cool and I hope will be integrated soon into ads in Lebanon (yalla marketing folks, make it happen!)


It’s the perfect Android, and you can double the already more than impressive battery life (new battery being released) making a true tablet contendor in terms of battery life. I highly recommend this phone if you’re a heave phone user for either business or pleasure. Tweeting, emailing, blogging, reading books, watching movies are all a delight on this beautiful piece of tech.

Instagram for Dummies

Usually, when I grow very accustomed to a certain social media platform and put it through its paces for several months and try different approaches and techniques, I like to do a streamlined post for those wanting to, but not having the time and passion to find out everything you need to enjoy it. I’ve done it for Twitter before and this is the Instagram for dummies post.

What is Instagram?

Well, basically it’s the photo version of Twitter, on steroids. What this means that it can be several things depending on how you use it. You can stalk and lurk on celebrity profiles, you can build a network of your closest friends and family, you can explore different areas of the world, different interests, specific topics, events, etc. It all depends on who you follow and which tags you surf through.

The concept is fairly simple, you snap a photo of something or someone then edit it real quick and publish it. Editing is usually adding filters to your photo, altering the colors, contrast, sharpness, exposure and other stuff non-photographer folks like you and me would never be able to do on our own. Basically, it makes an ok photo look really awesome if you can mix and match properly between the effects.

Here are a few tips on how to be a good Instagrammer and get followers and follow people worth following

1- Don’t post other people’s photos

That’s just not cool. If it’s a hilarious meme or photo or something which you feel you must post, that’s ok. But no one wants to see something you screenshotted off 9gag. Also, don’t ever post a photo you googled. The beauty of Instagram is sharing the every day stuff you notice or experience, and sharing it with the rest of the world. Sure a photo from Kilimanjaro would look wicked awesome, but folks will know it’s not yours and wonder what was the point (unless of course you did climb it!)

2- Lose the frames and blur effects

Honestly, the frames on Instagram suck. I personally cringe when I see the burnt/torn edges one, or when someone blurs out part of the photo for no apparent reason. My advice is, never use a frame for your photo and only use the blur effect to really accentuate something, like a certain word or person in a crowded shot.

3- Don’t overdo the hashtags


The hashtag “#” is a powerful tool. When you click it, you will see every single photo tagged with that, which is one of the main ways of discovering new people to follow and photos to enjoy. The common mistake is people using popular, yet meaningless hashtags like “#instahub #instamood #instawow #picoftheday, etc.” Sure, these will land you a few extra likes, but they’re completely worthless and honestly annoying to your followers. Instead, use relevant hashtags to let people searching for a certain something stumble upon your creations.

For example, when you take an awesome shot of a nice building, tag it with things like #architecture #design #minimalism #beirut #lebanon which accurately represent your photo and it’s location, two things people would love to know. I personally get upset when I see a very nice shot, without it being tagged with the location and just the silly meaningless hashtags.

4- Post nice captions

A photo is worth a thousand words but a few words can make a photo a whole lot better and more meaningful. Write a nice caption of whatever the photo is about. Explain the situation, describe the area, write a nice quote, whatever you feel relevant to share with your followers. Also, if you’re linked up to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, it’ll make the posts and tweets a lot more interesting versus just a short url of the photo. Posting a proper caption is always a good idea, in my honest opinion, it’s best to post a plain text caption, and under it as a comment, use the relevant hashtags for the post (it’ll still work the same).

5- Don’t Instacanvas/Instagallery

Those leaching websites offer to print and sell your shots to people willing to buy them and give you a percentage. That’s cool, but come on, would you yourself buy someone’s Instagram shot? Very unlikely. Plus, if you don’t have PayPal (which most folks in Lebanon don’t have) it’s useless because even if you do sell, you wouldn’t be able to get paid. So, you’re letting people get money off your own work and that sucks. Plus, the automated “Like this photo, check out my instacanvas gallery…” comments are a real eyesore for me, cause I hate bots and I’m sure you do too.

6- Post nice photos

Ok, you’re not a pro photographer, but no one wants to see a photo of your name on a Starbucks cup… Take photos that are nice, the kind you’d wanna see on your own feed while scrolling through. If they’re not nice, at least make them relevant somehow, or funny or whatever. Don’t post ugly photos, entertain people following you, make them want to regularly check your feed for new photos instead of getting pity likes from silly hashtags for no reason and on a one-off basis. Build a following/follow environment that’s always active and interactive, which likes and comments and whom you like and comment back to.

7- Stay active

Don’t disappear for 3 weeks then post 1 photo. I hate that, and usually unfollow people who haven’t posted for more than a week. Instagram should be a minor part of your normal routine, not something you dedicate special time to. If I’m waiting for a metro and spot something cool, I photograph it, edit it and publish it in seconds. So, don’t expect me to believe there’s nothing worth posting for that long a period of time. Also, you might think I’m a spaz for being picky and whiny about this, but come on, I’m following you to entertain me, not throw a bone every now and then. This is Twitter-like, not Facebook-like, you need to always be there.

8- Link up

Let your photos get published on your other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, etc. That’s how they get more exposure and help you find friends and share the awesome photos with your non-Android and non-iOS friends and family. I personally tweet all of my photos when published, and that’s where all the interaction happens whether it’s retweets, favorites or replies and comments.

9- Dont auto-follow

When you create an Instagram account and link it up to your twitter/facebook/etc, it shows you your friends and following who also use Instagram. Never click follow all. Why? Because you’ll automatically have for example 200 people you’re following, while only a handful following you, which makes you look like a loser which no one wants to follow, or a spam bot. Go through these lists, check who’s active and who isn’t (cause most never actually post, they just sign up “and couldn’t figure it out” and give up) check who’s worth it and who isn’t. It’s nice to have a balanced follower-to-following ratio, and it’s even nicer to have a follower-to-following ratio tipped to the followers side.

10- Choose an easy and relevant username, don’t protect your photos and write a bio

Don’t call yourself puppykiller187, unless you don’t want people to find you there. Call yourself by your name (without special symbols) because the Instagram search engine is somewhat unreliable and if you miss a few letters, you’re not gonna find who you’re looking for. Also, write a short bio, like the ones on Twitter, letting folks know what kinda person you are and if you’re what they’re looking to follow. Also, try not to protect your photos, I mean, post things which aren’t incriminating or too naughty, after all, why would someone request to follow if they can’t see what kinda photos you post? And what do you have to hide? Share with the world!

11- Follow me and let me follow you

I love going through my Instagram feed, I follow a lot of cool and interesting folks and whenever I have some spare time, waiting for the bus, waiting for my order to get done, etc. I flip through and see what everyone’s up to in the world. I also post cool photos (or so I’m told) so it shouldn’t be too much of a burden to follow me =D

LG Optimus 4X HD Review + Video

This is my new favorite Android phone. Those of you who know me well in real life, will know I change phones a LOT and usually carry several at one time. So, it’s probably safe to say that few phones capture my interest enough to become my main phone. The LG Optimus 4X HD is definitely one of them.

In the past year, I’ve carried 2 out of the 3 quad-core Android devices on the market, the HTC OneX and the LG Optimus 4X. I’ve also tested out the Samsung Galaxy SIII and it’s safe to say that my favorite was, surprisingly, the LG. I, like most of you had dismissed LG as a serious phone manufacturer, much less an Android powerhouse. But, this beautiful piece of tech won my heart, and though I found it tough parting with my similarly lovable OneX, I’m happy with my decision.

1- Shape and Build

It’s sexy, angular and sleek black screen and cover is highlighted with nice aluminum strips on the side and a grooved back cover and side skirts. Making it a much more elegant and improved cousin of the infamous SII. It goes to show that LG learned the secrets to device style after having Prada design a device with them.

2- Screen

I’m not going to into the very techy details, because honestly it’s too complex for my limited intellect. But, in just a few words, the crystals in device screen sometimes wobble around in different positions, distorting the light rays passing through them and into your eye. With IPS (in-plane switching) the distortion is corrected by a magnetic field, allowing for a more real image from your device’s screen and much better viewing from all angles.

3- User Interface

It comes with 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich Android with a few edits by LG. They don’t have  fancy name for it like HTC’s Sense or Samsung’s TouchWiz. It’s light and simple, with a clean-cut, streamlined interface in the contacts section, lock-screen, camera interface and dialpad among other things. Makes you wanna dial and swipe the print-like, crisp-clean screen. The 4X has three bottoms, a back button on the left, a home/multitasking button in the middle and a menu/settings button on the right. I honestly would’ve preferred the multitasking button be on the right instead of the settings, but it’s ok after a few minutes using the device and get used to it.

4- Camera

The camera isn’t the fastest I’ve ever used, nor the best. It pales in comparison to the lightning speed of the OneX shutter and the crispness of the SIII’s. However, it does make up for that with a much better focus and a few awesome perks such as the extremely cool pre-shutter capturing, where if you didn’t quite catch the shot in time, you can “go back in time” with pre-recorded images a few seconds before you actually clicked on capture. You can also capture stills while recording video and the panoramic and burst mode are both extremely fast and fluid. Check out the awesome pano shot I took below, and the rest are here

All in all, the LG Optimus 4X HD is quite a mouthful, but also quite a handful. Loved this phone, below is the hands-on video review I made.