Burger Bites Review

Firstly, forgive me for slacking when it comes to restaurant reviews. I’ve been trying very hard to maintain a low-carb diet which makes reviewing restaurants a hard ordeal considering everything I find delicious is made of carbohydrates. But, every now and then I will venture out and try a new restaurant and this time I’m continuing the burger joint conquest at Burger Bites.

Let’s start with the obvious, the name: Burger Bites. The word “bites” in a restaurant’s name would normally severely hurt the chances of me going there. But, when someone explained to me that the bites were in fact a platter of mini-burgers with different flavors and toppings, but more or less the same as a big burger, I said “yes please” to Chris Chehlaoui and we went there.

I was skeptical about the prices, but they’re fair compared to other burger restaurants. 3 bites were for some 14,000 LBP which is fair considering the average big burger is somewhere between 11,000 and 17,000 LBP. You could of course order less, or the “boat” with 8 mini burgers. The choices were nice, but I was sorta disappointed “swiss and mushroom” (my favorite burger) wasn’t on the menu. The Brie burger and Smokey burger though are divine, so it was ok.

The fries are weird, and they’re called waffle-fries because of their waffle shape. They’re a bit too oily for my liking, if they were a bit crispier and less moist, I’d make them my new favorite type of fries.

All in all, Burger Bites definitely gets my vote. It’s tasty, the concept is cool and somewhat different from the other burger joints all over the place. It’s also ideal for anyone who can’t decide on one flavor or topping and diversify your burger platter. It’s also good for the light eater, who I’m sure would love to get one mini-burger for a fairer price than bloating himself/herself and paying double or triple the price.

Verdict: Love it. If I were a USJ student, that’s where I’d probably have lunch
Price: 6-15 USD should be enough to fill your apetite and have a coke
Atmosphere: Cozy, out-of-the-way venue.
Staff: Very nice and courteous, good sense of humor