The Hilton Hotel Scraps Old Plan, Buys Out Habtoor and Metropolitan?

The below are my own assumptions, I’m not sure what will become of the original plans for the waterfront Hilton.

As many of you Beirut commuters may have noticed, there is an inconspicuous building before the Four Seasons Hotel on the Beirut Waterfront which has been vacant for the past few years. The sign was covered, but to be honest, the person who covered it did a very sloppy job and it was obvious it was a Hilton which had been halted for some reason.

One would easily assume that the Hilton-to-be in Beirut looked like a sissy excuse of a motel compared to the gargantuan Four Seasons Beirut a few hundred meters ahead. Their solution seems to be buying out the Habtoor Grand Hotel and Metropolitan Hotel, which have now apparently completed their transition and have become a part of the international Hilton group. As you can see by the massive signs which have been changed, and the small bulletins for those of you who have been to Le Mall or one of the hotels recently. (I hope Paris will come officially inaugurate it :P)

So, in addition to lots of Intercontinentals, we now have a Four Seasons, a Hilton and soon a Grand Hyatt. Honestly, I’m bummed they didn’t build a new hotel which would again redefine the Beiruti skyline, but, I guess this would work too given that the alternative was the building below.

For those of you wondering where the Grand Hyatt is, it’s a couple of blocks from Beirut Souks towards the West. Here’s a photo: