Inception Review

Watch this movie, now, after you’ve done reading this.

It’s rare that a movie actually captures my full attention, and garners this much appreciation from picky old me. But Inception is absolute genius.

DiCaprio plays another mystifying character that blurs reality with imagination and dreams. However, unlike Shutter Island, the story here is much more interesting, captivating, complex and somehow more followable. In fact, the movie is a 100-fold better than Shutter Island mixed with the Matrix trilogy.

I will say no more to avoid spoiling the movie, but, I strongly recommend you go watch it asap. It resonated within me like the Dark Knight did, and for once, the movie poster did not lie! Such movies are a refreshing change from the mainstream movies that become too predictable, and exceptionally unremarkable. You will definitely remember this movie though…

If you insist on knowing about it, here it is:

The movie is about people who are able to access someone’s dreams and extract from them a certain piece of information or idea. DiCaprio is one of the best ‘extractors’ in the world, but haunted by his troubled past. With the help of his team, they will attempt a highly complex, dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream tactic to plant an idea into the heir of an oil empire. The how, when, who will blow your mind. It is extremely fun to watch, super-intense and thought-provoking. It’ll leave you wanting to become an extractor, in your own dream world.

The cast is superb too, with stars from Juno, Batman and Red Eye co-starring with the Titanic heart-throb DiCaprio! Take a look for yourself:

IMDB Rating: 9.2/10
My Rating: 10/10