Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo Review

May the 8th was an historic night for Lebanese clubbing, and by historic, I do mean historic. The flood of events in the past couple of years has made them mundane to the heavy clubber like myself. It’s rare that a stadium event can truly touch you.

The two masters of Progressive House, Nick Warren and Hernan Kattaneo flanked by the Middle East’s best tech-house talents, Jade, Diamond Setter and Ali Ajami, made the lineup perfect for the perfect night.

The music, the hype, the dancing, the lights, lasers, CO2 pumps, the confetti and Nicksy’s MCing kept the party going steady for hours non-stop. The unique setup though was the cherry on top. A massive white tent housed most of the main arena and the VIP and VVIP sections, with one side open to the steps leading to the shore, providing a mild, refreshing breeze every now and then. La Marina, the venue once dreaded by so many, was one of the best so far.

The decks where set in between four massive LED screens forming a prism-like tower stretching all the way up to the roof. The prism-like LED set up had another two screens behind them, with stunning visuals and interactive text messages making the crowd go wild… in a synchronous fashion.

The spectacle though was not restricted to the stage area. 4 different platforms were spread all across the venue, with sexy dancers and fire-breathers taking turns at wowing the crowd, as stilt-walkers all lit up sprinkle silver dust on the revelers. Every few minutes, the dancers returned with different costumes and a different theme, eliciting a good share of the crowd’s attention.

As the sun rose and flooded the venue, the exuberant crowd was not ready to stop dancing, and Ali Ajami was more than happy to oblige with pushing the night well into Sunday.

NRJ and Poliyakov have proven they are well above the electronic music industry standards. Within a mere two years, the organizers have delivered, time and again, an unforgettable experience in all realms of electronic dance music. From breathtaking Trance with Above and Beyond and Cosmic Gate, to Progressive House heaven with Nick Warren and Hernan Kattaneo, Poliyakov and NRJ have secured their spot in the international clubbing scene’s creme de la creme, with a minimum of wazawez and a maximum of music lovers.

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