Night of the Ad Eaters Review by Sabine Massaad


It was one of those ironic moments in life. Eagerly driving down to UNESCO to sit through a six hour montage of the one thing we deliberately choose to skip in real life- advertisements. The minute I walked in I felt a wave of flyers, free samples, and gift bags make their way into my palms. I was hooked: that may have been the free Dunkin Doughnuts coffee or they may have achieved their goal for the night- public attraction. I entered the hall to find my seat already taken by yet another gift bag, it was like every holiday known to man in one night.

The whole point of the night was to pay tribute to some of the best television commercials internationally, the event was happening on the same weekend in 40 different countries, presenting 500 ads of 60 nationalities.

And so it began, after the words “The night of the Adeaters” flashed on the screen in more languages than I knew existed, commercials began to play. The commercials ranged from witty, hilarious, to slightly disturbing, and extremely mind-boggling. It was kind of like seeing your life flash before your eyes, so many different scenes different concepts; it really stimulates your mind and lets you know that speech is not the only form of communication. Weirdly enough, once it was all over I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the excessive advertisement I had just been subjected to, I started to keep a lookout for any smart slogans, and pause before changing the channel once they switch to commercials. “The night of the Adeaters” was a hit, if you weren’t there you probably missed the ad.


Courtesy of BNL