7 Weeks, 7 Nokia E7s That Could Be Yours!

Last week, the guys at Nokia Lebanon invited a handful of bloggers and people from tech industry to try out the Nokia E7 “Search for 7.”

The Search for 7 is an interactive Nokia campaign which seeks to engage its users in real life. Nokia has adopted the “glocal” approach with its users for years, with the belief that tailor-made apps, campaigns and services for each country and region are the key for success, the keyword of the new Nokia E7.

Throughout the day, we were emailed clues. Some clues were teasers, others you had to decode to find out the time, and finally, you had to ID places from attached images. 7 clues later, we found out that the search would lead us to Pacifico Monot at 7:00 PM, to find a blue backpack with a Black Nokia E7.

Guy Salameh found the backpack with the E7 in it, much to my dismay (kidding, mabrouk Guy =P), but we all got to try the devices.

After another E7 was found on the slopes in Faraya over the weekend, there are 6 more up for grabs! All you have to do is log on to the Nokia Lebanon Facebook Page and follow the clues, and of course, be the first to get to the designated location at the designated time!

Expect a full-review in the coming days after I get the chance to take the device home for a few days and run it through the usual drills! =D

Check out this video by Beirutnightlife.com of an E7 Flashmob at Citymall