BASE presents: First Off (ft. Mann) — GINO

Base and I have been friends for as long as this blog has existed. We met at AUB, became friends in Beirut’s clubs and extremely good friends in my many visits to LA (that included clubbing with Wiz Khalifa and a Playboy Kandy Masquerade after-party in my W Hotel Suite).

During this break from blogging, I looked through all the stuff I never published for whatever reason, and found a video clip for a song we produced together one epic night in LA.

We were at a club on Hollywood Blvd where BASE was spinning his set. I had taken a table of course, you know, to show support from Beirut. Boy was I wrong though (it didn’t need any support), cause the table next to mine was Wiz Khalifa and members of his “Taylor Gang”. I spent the night fan-girling over Wiz and getting wiffs of his Khalifa Kush wafting over to our table.

On the way back to Base’s, we met up with Yump Daniels aka Mann (Buzzin), also a good friend I am very proud of, and shot this.

This is the result of that night, two years ago…

Check out BASE’s soundcloud for the real shit ma boy churns out!

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