IHOP Opens in Lebanon

It’s no secret that crepes are all the craze in Lebanon, and that finding a legit stack of pancakes is a bit hard. That’s why when I found out that IHOP is opening in Beirut, I leaked it on the blog back in May. So, it was only natural that a couple of days after their official opening, I headed down to try the first IHOP in Lebanon.

The Location

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The first IHOP in Lebanon opened in the brand new mall in Choueifat, The Spot. The location is located on the L2 level, and includes an indoor as well as an outdoor space under a massive, beautiful, transparent sunroof.

The design of the place is nice and slick, and the presentation of food and drinks is also cool (drinks in cool jars for example). The furniture is also very comfortable, and there are tables that can accommodate a party of two, or a much larger group too.

The Pancakes

I’ve been to IHOPs in several US States and the UAE, and I can safely say that the Lebanese IHOP is by far the best. The whole look and feel of the Lebanese IHOP is quite fancier that its US counterparts, which feel a bit less top-tier than the one here.

I ordered my favorite stack of pancakes there, the New York Cheesecake pancakes, which are four buttermilk pancakes with bits of cheesecake in them, topped with whipped cream, strawberries and strawberry sauce!

They were perfect when it comes to fluffiness and consistency, and didn’t feel too heavy when I had them, given I was afraid I’d feel full and not be able to try anything else, but I did!

The Salmon and Spinach Eggs Benedict

I love eggs benedict, especially when mixed with salmon and yummy greens. It was what I always ordered on the hallowed “Sunday Brunches” in my time in New York and DC. The Slamon and Spinach Eggs Benedict at IHOP Lebanon was an extremely fairly priced, and really good breakfast dish. I recommend the hash browns with them too!

The Staff

Given they had just opened, the staff seemed to be on top of their game. They were very helpful by explaining the dishes you inquire about, as well as their personal recommendations. The server made sure everything was ok on more than one occasion, and the manager passed by our table to take our feedback as well. All in all, the service was great, prompt and very courteous.

All in All

Lebanon’s IHOP is great, and definitely my favorite IHOP worldwide (based on the ones I’ve already been to). It’s a far cry from the humble IHOP I first went to on a Tinder date somewhere in Virginia, and it opens early which means I’d love to go binge eat some pancakes after a heavy night of clubbing.

It’s also a lot more than just a breakfast and pancake place, they have plenty of other dishes on the menu too, which include great burgers, sandwiches and other lunch and dinner items.

So, try it if you still haven’t, and lemme know what you think!

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