LAU Extremist Islamists Try to Quash Free Speech. It’s Time to Fight Back.

It seems that all the ISIS-wannabes in Lebanon are extraordinarily active these couple of weeks for some reason.

Recent Transgressions

  • The disgusting ISIS-supporting “hay2at 3olama2 el muslemeen” who stood with da3esh against our own soldiers released a statement decreeing that any muslim who prays or participates in another religion’s rituals, immediately becomes an apostate. So, because it pisses the disgusting slime that they are, I’ve embedded a beautiful video below from the “Beirut Chants” festival last Christmas for you to enjoy ❤
  • A Coca Cola ad in Tripoli was also removed, because it seems that the religious extremists couldn’t keep their dicks in their pants when they saw it and started going crazy like a teenager who couldn’t masturbate for a week.
This is in Lebanon, not Raqqa…
  • A lingerie ad in Beirut was also removed, because apparently, it was “too close to a mosque”. Now, reports say that it was the governor of Beirut who ordered it taken down, but I think it was more likely the billboard company that was bullied into it by the da3esh-wannabes and blamed it on the government. (It was approved by the censorship bureau, which means it got the OK, so it was removed under duress by the extremist elements)
Look at all the childhoods being ruined! (As if they’ve never been to a beach or don’t know about PornHub, that this lame ad would make society crumble. Disgusting.)

Anyway, after this series of alarming trends by the ultra-conservative intolerant islamist elements in this country, it seems they’re trying to extend their hateful claws into a beacon of freedom of expression: a top Lebanese university, LAU Jbeil.

They Launched a Petition

This is taken verbatim from their petition, which nauseated me reading it. It was posted by a da3oush by the name of Mohamed Tafesh.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
الحمد لله و الصلاة و السلام على عباده الذين اصطفى
اما بعد,
This petition is to stop any act, speech, movie or poster that is considered to be disrespectful for the religion of Islam.
In the last two weeks a poster for a student theater production titled “ An Act of God “ was filling the LAU Byblos campus. This is a comedy act where one of the actors plays the role of God which is totally unacceptable for all Muslims in all the different sects that fall under the religion of Islam.
I call every Muslim to sign it.
Freedom of speech does not let you disrespect, insult or portray Islam in an unacceptable way.

The saddest part is that 278 sad souls signed this piece of garbage. I guess they must have been spending too much time on ISIS chatrooms and thought we were magically transported to Raqqa or Saudi Arabia. Too bad this is Lebabon, and we don’t take this kind of bullshit. I won’t even link to the petition here.

The Play

The play is hilarious, and very powerful. It portrays god as someone who asks his stupid, hateful fans to not kill other humans in his name. It also tells them to stop persecuting gay people among other things religious extremists are usually guilty of and try to justify it with their twisted view of their religions. In other words, it paints a more accurate picture of what religious people claim god is: tolerance and love and all that jazz.

It seems that Tafesh and his mini da3oushites think this is “insulting” to Islam, and that everything their tiny, hateful brains find insulting to their intolerant and hateful ISIS-inspired brand of Islam should be banned in a secular university that respects the right to free speech and expression.

People who aren’t wannabe ISIS members have started a petition to counter the hate speech and intolerance of Tafesh and co. You can sign it here.

We Want More Shows!

Honestly, I’d love to see “An Act of God” on stage on LAU, and really hope they decide to do more shows. I want to thank LAU and their Dean of Students for upholding the free speech and expression that seems to be withering away day after day outside its campus walls, with terrorist-loving groups like hay2at 3olamat el muslemeen and its sister hate groups having the power to censor what their tiny religious brains can’t handle.

We cannot let the tide of rising facism and violent extremist ideologies gain ground. If anything makes Lebanon special, it’s that hateful religious groups are kept at bay and cannot influence the rest of us normal people who do not hate others based on the fantasies we believe in or don’t.

Offense is taken, not given. I suggest to Tafesh and other potential ISIS members to immigrate to Raqqa or any of the other ever-shrinking ISIS-controlled areas. There, no one will insult their hateful brand of religion, and they can be happy not seeing lingerie ads, coca cola ads or plays that try to portray a god that doesn’t tell people to kill in his name.

Why am I suggesting they’re ISIS? Think I’m being a bit harsh on the religious hateful? Well, ISIS kill in the name of their god. This play’s god says don’t kill in my name. So, if this offended them, then they must be ISIS-lovers. There is no place for that kind of dark ages thought in Lebanon’s prestigious universities.

Sign the petition, let’s show them how few they are and how many we are. And I really hope they do another few shows of the play, so we can watch it just to spite the hateful religious and teach them that free speech still flourishes here, no matter how hard they try to quash it.

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