Let’s Help Himaya Help Leila Start A New Life

I love Himaya, and the amazing work they do. Himaya protect children who have suffered abuse at home. They take them in, provide them with all the protection and support they need to be able to grow up to become the amazing adults we know they can be.

In a country where 1 in 7 children suffers some form of abuse, the epidemic is a scary one, and one no one wants to talk about publicly.

This year, 3 of the young girls in Himaya’s care will turn 18. This means that they will be adults, setting out into society to start building their lives after overcoming their tough ordeals.

One of the young women is Leila. Leila suffered unspeakable abuse by her family, and now that she is no longer a minor, cannot stay in the care of Himaya. She cannot go back home either, since she risks life-threatening repercussions by her family, who are angry she reported the abuse she suffered for years, and sought help from the amazing people at Himaya.

Himaya are gathering 6,500USD to help Leila kickstart her first year on her own.

This is the cost breakdown:

  • Training Cost: free
  • Transportation Cost: 5000LL per day / 120,000LBP or $80 per month
  • F&B Cost: around 30$ per day
  • Accommodation Cost: 200$ to 250$ per month
  • Medical Cost: around 30$ per month
  • Insurance Cost: $250 per year
  • Daily needs: (hygienic pads, toothpaste, deodorant, etc…..) around 50$ per month

You can donate online at HelpForLeb.com. Just 10USD will help get us closer to the target, and help Leila and many young people like her, rebuild their lives and start fresh as adults in our communities.

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