Orthodox Church that Protected Child Molesting Priest Holds Homophobic Hate Event

Chances are you already saw the picture above on your walls and newsfeeds. For those that don’t read Arabic, it roughly translates to: “Homosexuality: A Disease and Treatment”

I can spend hours explaining why this is wrong on so many levels, but I think it’s enough to remind everyone that that is the same exact church that protected child molesting priest Pandalemon Farah in 2013, and whose parishioners violently attacked news crews covering the scandal which came weeks after Mansur Labaki, a catholic priest, was convicted of child sex abuse.

If you want an idea of what kind of people the hosts and attendees of this event are, this is your answer: they are people that don’t mind that their spiritual leader rapes and molests kids, and will attack journalists trying to cover it, however, if a law-abiding LGBT citizen asks for basic rights, they hold an event calling them “sick” and venturing to provide the “treatment” (which I assume is as vile and stupid as the “exorcisms” held on TV in the early 2000s).

This only feeds to the hatred spewing out of terror-promoting violent organizations like “Hay2at 3olama2 El Muslemeen”. But, the show of support and solidarity was a lot more than the threats and violence of the backwards conservatives. This just shows they know their cause of intolerance and hatred will never be resurrected, and that what’s right is slowly prevailing.

Pay no heed to the pedo-protecting thugs, did you really expect any from them?

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