Pimpin Video of Lebanon in the 60s

There’s a page on Facebook I really like that shares photos and videos of Lebanon’s “golden days”, which basically means before the Lebanese Civil War that started in 1975, and before our current politicians/former warlords rose to power.

The video is more than 5 minutes of rushes following a couple from Beirut’s airport all over the country. It’s such a nice snapshot of the times, whether its our streets, buildings, food, beach, mountains, historical landmarks and just about everything else during the time when Beirut was the “Paris of the Middle East”.

Here are some nice photos too of Lebanon in the 1960s

Jounieh (we seem to always have had those damn smoke towers)
The Holiday Inn still operational, and before the Beirut Waterfront and Zaintay Bay existed

For a lot more photos like these, check out Old Beirut Lebanon on Facebook.

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